Our Barre classes are held at 1568 Janmar Road, Suite C, Snellville, GA 30078. Our studio is right behind the Lowes on Highway 124.

Barre, is …

… a workout for your entire body. It helps lift your seat, tone your thighs and burn fat super fast. Barre makes use of the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements. These isometric movements are set to fantastic music, Barre is fast, effective, and the most safe way to change your body. Most students realize significant changes in as little as 10 classes.

Located right behind the Lowes on Highway 124 in Snellville, About Mind & Body hosts several Barre classes weekly. Our instructor, Carol Thomason has been teaching and facilitating Barre classes in the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas for quite some time.

Barre | About Mind and Body

The Benefits of Our Barre Classes

Our Barre classes provide many physical and mental benefits. During our classes some of the benefits you might experience are as follows…

Lifted Seat (AKA a Better Butt!)

OK, be honest… is there anyone out there who wouldn’t like to improve the way their butt looks? Even if you think yours is tight, toned and you could bounce a quarter off of it, we promise that you’ll find it looking even better in no time.

Toned Thighs, Abs and Arms

Would you like to improve your muscle tone? Of course you would. Many of the Barre exercises help build muscle tone and increased overall strength. When the Barre exercises are practiced correctly, (which our instructor will ensure), they all build strength in your thigh, ab and arm muscles.

Fat Burning Super Fast

Fat burning naturally follows increased muscle tone and development. Our class participants have noticed that after just a few classes, that their body fat is decreasing at record speeds.

Lose Inches in just a few weeks

Most of our Barre participants have three goals. First, to get in better shape. Second, to get toned up. And last, but certainly not least, to lose inches around their mid section. Whether you are looking to regain that “pre-baby” shape you had, or just looking to lose some inches, Barre classes can help you achieve that goal, fast!