What is the concept behind About Mind & Body?

Beauty is not only skin deep. The outside can be smoothed, filled, moisturized and made-up to look virtually flawless. But true beauty comes from a synergy of taking care of the outside and maintaining a balance on the inside.

That is the thought behind the new concept in beauty from About Face Skin Care. We are excited to announce About Mind & Body. This is a place that encourages safe movement to enhance and maintain the body and opportunities to stimulate the mind with fun activities and interesting, educational classes for your personal enrichment.

If I have never done Yoga, Pilates or Circuit training, can I enroll in any class?

Yes. Our classes are structured in such a way that beginners are welcomed to any class. The instructors will guide you through safe movements, and you will become accustomed to our body classes in no time!

What types of membership do you offer?

We offer 2 memberships.

Virtual Voucher Membership: A series of 10, 15, or 20 can be pre purchased. This allows you to easily choose a program that is suited to your budget. Vouchers can be used to attend any Mind or Body event. 1 voucher per class is required. On occasion, there may be a situation that calls for 2 vouchers, but we will let you know in advance.

Monthly Membership: This membership allows you to attend any and all classes. $49.99 is billed to your credit card the 1st of each month. We ask a commitment of 12 months with automatic renewal, but you may cancel your membership at any time with just a termination fee equal to one month ($49.99). Monthly membership also entitles member to 5% OFF any purchase for About Mind & Body or About Face Skin Care. Including 5% OFF room rental fee.

Are YouPoints accrued for memberships?

Yes. YouPoints® is our loyalty program that started August of 2012. Currently, Virtual Voucher Memberships will receive 4 points for every dollar spent. Monthly memberships will receive 3 points for every dollar spent. Points are accrued from ANY PURCHASE from About Mind & Body OR About Face Skin Care. 1000 accrued points equals a $20 Reward Card from About Face Skin Care that can be redeemed for any purchase. See YouPoints Reward program for more information.

Can I share my Virtual Vouchers?

No. Vouchers are unique to the individual redeeming them. If you have a friend that wishes to try About Mind & Body, we can offer a FREE VOUCHER on us! Just have them get in touch with us.

Do vouchers expire?

Yes. 6 months from time of purchase and are nonrefundable.

I really want to switch from my Virtual Voucher Membership to a monthly membership, what should I do?

Since vouchers are nonrefundable, we suggest you deplete those first. Then, contact us to sign you up for your monthly membership.

Can I sign up for membership online?

For right now, no. We ask that you sign up in-person or over the phone.

Am I able to reserve my classes on my smart phone?

In the near future, yes. Until our site is tweaked, we asked that you call or email to reserve your class using the rsvp@aboutmindandbody.com to reserve your particular class.

Do I have to make a reservation to attend a class?

No. However this just makes it easier for us to capture attendance for those using the virtual voucher membership program. All participants will be required to manually sign in with name and membership number on a class roster.

If I am enrolled in the Virtual Voucher memembership, am I penalized for having to cancel or no-show to a scheduled event?

With BODY events you are not penalized for cancelling or no show. However, if you have a MIND event reservation and cancel within a 24 hour period, you will be penalized (resulting in a forfeiture of the voucher(s).

Do classes have a limit on number of participants?

Yes. We want to have a very intimate atmosphere with all our events, so we limit most of classes to 25 to 30 participants. If we have repeated full capacity classes, we will open up other additional classes as needed.

Can I rent the facility?

Yes. Perfect for throwing a shower, business meeting, or for any gathering. Please inquire with Linda Paul about rental. The rate is $200 for a 3 hour block of time, and is subject to availability. Tables, chairs, a/v equipment, and use of a kitchen are included.

Where to I go online to reserve and see class listings?

For right now, until our full Mind & Body Site is developed, please use our About Mind and Body Facebook page. We will post a calendar of classes in advance. Make sure you LIKE us in order to be completely informed of upcoming events and changes. We will also email a calendar out to our subscribers and have calendars available for pick up.