Gwinnett Yoga

Our Gwinnett Yoga classes are held at 1568 Janmar Road, Suite C, Snellville, GA 30078. Our studio is right behind the Lowes on Highway 124.

Yoga, is known as…

…the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace.

– Wikipedia

Located in Gwinnett, right behind the Lowes on Highway 124, About Mind & Body hosts several Yoga classes weekly. Our instructors, Christie Kearney and Michelle Cormack have been teaching and facilitating Yoga classes in the Gwinnett County and surrounding areas for more than a decade.

Gwinnett Yoga

The Benefits of Our Gwinnett Yoga Classes

Our Gwinnett Yoga classes provide many physical and mental benefits. During our classes some of the benefits you might experience are as follows…


Regardless of your age, physical flexibility is an important part of your overall health. The Asanas, or Yoga Poses, that our instructors teach don’t require you to be as flexible as a gymnast. In fact, practically anyone can perform them. These poses help you to safely stretch your muscles and release the lactic acid that may be built up in them. Most of our participants notice a significantly increased range of motion after just a few weeks of classes.


Would you like to improve your muscle tone? Of course you would. Many Yoga help build muscle tone and increased overall strength. When the Yoga Poses are practiced correctly, (which our instructors will ensure), they all build core strength deep in the abdominal muscles.

Improved Posture

Better posture naturally follows improved flexibility and strength. Because of the development of a stronger core, most Yoga participants tend to stand and sit taller. As well, they have an increased awareness of slouching or slumping and tend to correct their posture without even thinking about it.

Better Breathing

Along with the Yoga Poses, there are also breathing exercises involved. These conscious efforts tend to result in an increased lung capacity. This of course can improve endurance and performance in sports and other activities.

Reduced Stress

After just one class, most participants say that they immediately feel a reduction in their stress level. This is due in large part to the intentional and focused calming of the mind. With stress related to so many health issues, this may in fact be the biggest benefit to participating in Yoga.